5.5″ x 12″ Spun Aluminum Vertical Gas Tank .8 Gallon ” No Welds


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 5.5″ diameter vertical gas tanks. They are constructed of .25″ thick spun formed aluminum and are completely weld and seam free. They have a sanded spun finish, but can be ordered smooth for the purpose of polishing or painting.


  • Holds approx .8 Gallon – 5.5×12 Vertical gas tank
  • Total height approx 14″
  • Set of aluminum brackets
  • BLUE Anodized BAM billet gas cap & O-ring
  • 1/8 NPT threaded port in the filler neck for venting
  • 1/4 inch NPT outlet – located bottom center


Our Tanks are 100% American Made!


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